Passbook is Apple application available on the company's equipment. It is a virtual wallet, where you can store all your loyalty cards, tickets, invitations, coupons or boarding passes. This revolutionary mobile app soon will be used by all users of iPhones, as easy and convenient way organizes a traditional wallet and allows for storage of all your important documents in one place on your phone, which you always have with you. Passbook mobile application can be integrated with existing operating systems to promote sales. Responds to the time and place where the holder is. Using its in business requires a specialized software that is compatible with Passbook. The software, that we offer gives the company the following client management capabilities:
- access to they current offers - at any moment can check your account (number of loyalty points, the latest invitation, etc.),
- the phone reads its location and if customer is near the company recalls about the offers and discounts,
- using the navigation may locate the nearest company at any time,
- always has a loyalty card in iPhone,
- just scan his phone to readings discount,
The software can have many extra features, and the personalization depends solely on the creativity of the marketing department.