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Mobile applications are software that run on mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets. Nowadays, with the increase in public activity has also increased demand for applications, that often accompany people at every step facilitating the functioning. Exploiting the potential of mobile applications is unlimited. The programming allow us to create all kinds of applications to use them in the company, for example to facilitating the flow of information and control work or customer management systems, as well as easier daily functioning. A wide range of mobile applications depends on the ingenuity of their Creator.


When we create mobile apps, we can not forget about most important thing - the magical world of games. Games are designed not only for the youngest users, but also for adult users of mobile devices. Our team consists of programmers, graphic designers, musicians and many others creates adventures that free time entertaining and detached from reality. World of games that we see, we translate into programming and provide for those who like to sometimes back to feel like a kid in a colorful land. Take the protagonist of the game Bubble Jet Raider, courageous explorer of caves traveling in a bubble. Destroy threatening and crystals and avoid dangerous obstacles. Or have fun and solve puzzles with green, sweet little creature in the game SNOT that you stick to the screen from the first click.


We also create software for mobile application Passbook, which is a modern platform for customer contact. It has permanent access to current offers and your frequent flyer account. Any change in the offer is immediately visible to the user on the screen of the device. Quick discount this weekend - just one click and loyalty card holders see everything. Additionally Passbook responds to a time and place where the holder of the phone is and informed him about new Discount offers. It is possible to integrate the software with existing operating systems to support sales, as well as barcode scanning on the phone in order to eliminate the traditional plastic loyalty cards. The software can have many extra features, and the personalization depends on the creativity of the marketing department. More about Passbook you can read in the menu Passbook.


Have you done application based on the systems iOS, Android or Windows? Want to make your users are satisfied with the product you created? Do you want only positive comments? Feel free to contact us !!! We provide comprehensive testing of mobile applications. For this purpose, we have a huge database of all the necessary equipment. We are working on the latest technology products, including iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S5. The variety of operating systems and the rate of technological change requires flexibility of the IT team. This feature, combined with the accuracy and timeliness is an indicator of our success, above all, the success of our customers.


Savings by eliminating the verification process always looks tempting offer. However, the development of software without testing gives only illusory savings. The cost of removal of defects in mobile applications is much greater than the cost of removing the same defects in advance - the sooner the better. With the best mobile apps for smartphones same encoding consumes 15% of the project, while the mobile application testing takes about 50%. In such a system, the question arises whether you can afford NOT to test their applications? Can you afford the negative comments so your customers in the Appstore or Google Play?


Testing applications largely depends on the creation of failure in the software. You prepare applications for customers in Android, because it has to cover 80% of the smartphone market? Do you know how many different devices both in terms of display size and the quality of the use of this operating system? This is what it looks great and works on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 will not necessarily be so present on the smartphone Huawei.


While testing we are trying to cause failure of the system, so we can allow finding and removing errors, so that we avoid an accident in the final application. Your customers will be able to use the app and evaluate it in a natural way, and not under the influence of emotions that something does not work anymore after purchasing their product. If your operating system iOS waiting time for approval of the application before it enters Appstorze is about 7 days. Only then, will be rejected as it turns out, that your application requires amendments and we will expect the next 7 days for verification, not necessarily positive. All errors are detected in advance in order to minimize the costs associated with improving the mobile application later. Costs can substantially increase when it is found that would require a change throughout the application architecture.


Do not ask me who beats quality. She beats you. Regardless of company size, the complexity of the product, requirements for quality. Professionally made test applications on mobile devices is a source of profits, not losses. So not worth it to ask "if" but "how much" quality need and how to make them optimally and cheaper.

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