Apple Watch and applications of the XXI in.

Apple Watch comes standard with a pulse sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope. However, besides the factory software Apple Watch also supports other applications. You can also connect it wirelessly to your iPhone, which provide him with WiFi and GPS. With the development of technology, WINNICOAPP develops its capabilities and the ability to produce modern, inventive applications that help in the daily operation of active people in the twenty-first century. Our applications cooperating with the most modern equipment and, as in the case of Apple Watch, making full use of their capabilities. Soon, in the App Store will be released our first app, which is produced especially for lovers of technological innovations and suitable for Apple Watch. The mobile application will be used, inter alia, the possibility of synchronization of the watch with the iPhone, but not only. It is designed for fans of shipping. Our series of maritime navigation will be expanded with an ability to function on Apple's Watch. The entire mobile application can be controlled with minimal effort from the watch worn on your wrist, so both hands will be free and ready to react quickly during sailing. In the queue for the implementation are waiting next ideas of the another applications, which will be meet the needs of our customers.

WINNICOAPP is creating with a view, that each device will be the most personal and as strongly linked to its user as it is possible.