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„We made the buttons on
the screen look so good
you'll want to lick them.”
Steve Jobs

„Design is not just how something
looks and how it is perceived
but also how it works.”
Steve Jobs

We develop mobile applications for smart phones and tablets : iPhone and iPad as well as Android operating system.

Our products perfectly reflect the character and needs of our customers. In our applications we use the most modern and unique solutions to effectively support our business partners in building their brand awareness on global markets.

Companies financial development is inextricable to the technology development. Our goal is to use this fact.

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WPROST cover

Marketing application created for the magazine WPROST. Users can create their own magazine cover by selecting photos an main theme. Application available in Appstore.

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Kawasaki Łomianki – software for passbook.

On behalf of Kawasaki Łomianki we developed the software for loyalty cards integrated with application Passbook for iOS6. Passbook is a virtual wallet for tickets, boarding cards, invitation cards, loyalty cards etc.

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Power Logbook

Power logbook is Winnicoapp’ s project created for all boats users. The application determines the position of the boat, its speed, course and distance. Summarize all data so the user can control for example the amount of gasoline. Available in Appstore.

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Chopin airport

Departures and arrivals board of Chopin airport is Winnicoapp application created for all users of the airport in Warsaw. The application is available in Appstore.

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Sessa Marine

On behalf of Sessa Marine , the Italian shipyard of motorboats, we created a marketing application. Available in the Appstore.

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Sessa Marine Brasil

On behalf of Sessa Marine, the Italian shipyard of motorboats, we created a marketing application for the Brasilian market. Available in the Appstore.

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Sessa Marine - Configurator

On behalf of Sessa Marine, the Italian shipyard of motorboats, we created the price configurator that allows dealers quickly and accurately prepare an offer for customers.

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Telewizja NEXT

TV application prepared for the NEXT TV , internet platform based its development on technology news, broadcasts in 3D format.

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ePUAP is an electronic platform for government services.

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This application will help you to know all the tables of arrivals and departures, so you will never be late - but always just on time.

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Naviapp Mazury

Is an easy to use application that provides a rapid and proven navigation of the Masurian lakes.

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Yacht iScreen

Yacht Screen is a photo base of the most beautiful, luxury yachts Italian shipyard Sessa Marine, that from now you can have in your iPhone.

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